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Visionarist is a next generation all-in-on data platform.

+30 companies leverage their data and achieve their goals with Visionarist

Get a world class data stack powered by scalable technologies in just a few clicks.

  • Connect all your data sources.

  • Centralize all your data in a secure cloud data warehouse.

  • Build your own KPIs, maintain a live connection and a fresh data.


Maintaining your data pipelines has never been easier.

  • Data is automatically fetched with a couple of clicks and all of your reports are updated.

  • Be alerted, take control and intervene quickly when somethings break.

  • Reduce dramatically the time you spend building and fixing your pipelines and deliver trusted data to your business teams.

Empower your teams to make data driven decisions without the need to hire a data team.

Allow your business teams to take their data initiatives to the next level :

  • Combine data from different sources and create unlimited queries, charts and dashboards.

  • Collaborate in real-time with your whole team with comments and dynamic annotations.

  • Deep dive together on any issue and address real business problems.

“As the only data specialist in our company, I've consistently sought a solution that could streamline our analytics process without adding to the existing software fatigue. That's where Visionarist made all the difference. No more juggling between multiple tools for different tasks – everything is now consolidated in one place. This has significantly reduced the complexity of our daily work and freed up valuable time. It has become an indispensable part of our daily routine and has transformed how we approach and leverage our data!
Vanessa Johnson
Data analyst

All features you and your teams will love

Data ingestion

Say goodbye to data silos and complex ingestion processes. Visionarist platform simplifies data ingestion, enabling you to collect, ingest, and harmonize data from multiple origins. From structured to unstructured data, Visionarist provides the agility you need to ingest data swiftly and efficiently.

Data transformations

Transform raw data into actionable insights. Visionarist offers powerful data transformation tools that allow you to clean, preprocess, and enrich your data effortlessly.


Visionarist offers robust orchestration capabilities that allow you to streamline processes and automate workflows. Take control of your data operations, reduce manual tasks, and ensure smooth coordination at every stage of your data journey.


Use our visualization feature (or connect your favorite tool) toexplore, analyze, and present your data in a visually impactful manner, facilitating informed decision-making.


Harness the data to extract value and informations. You can create ad-hoc manual analysis or usual analysis automatically with our SQL editor or AI assistant (coming soon).

Data observability

Track and analyze data processes, identify bottlenecks, and catch out potential anomalies. Our observability feature enhances operational efficiency and ensure the seamless functioning of their data ecosystem.

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€400/month - unlimited users

The Essential plan is designed to provide a solid foundation for your data management. It includes all the fundamental features you need to kickstart your data journey.


€1,200/month - unlimited users

Elevate your data experience with our Premium plan.


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All from Premium plan + AI Lab + SSO

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