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  • Connect all your data sources

  • Centralize all your data in a secure cloud data warehouse

  • Manage your alerts and be notified of potential problems in your data pipelines

  • Overview of all the ways data is flowing or what’s causing issues

  • Select all KPIs you need in our catalog (get inspired)

  • Create your own KPIs according to your needs with our SQL editor

  • Visualize and analyze your data when you want

Create KPIs that will (finally) be used by your business teams.

Becoming data driven has never been easier. Transform easily your data into key metrics.

Go even further with ML and AI.

Visionarist empowers you to take data-driven initiatives to the next level with the magic of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Integrate and preprocess your data

  • Train and optimize your models

  • Analyze your data in real time

  • Get comprehensive reporting and insights

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